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Furry Friends Support

Animal lovers can now do their part to help animal shelters in Singapore.

As you probably know, these poor animals were often found in dire conditions when found; they may be suffering from skin diseases, have weakened immunity and some are even immobile.

Gift Support
Image by Daniele Franchi

Your donation here will go a long way to help these little ones in need. Simply purchase the ProBio CA Plus, ProBio CA or Procian supplements at 20% off, and these supplements will be delivered to Animal Lovers League (Singapore).

Please use the discount coupon code to enjoy the 20% off before you check out.

Discount Coupon Code 
Furry Friends

If you have a preferred animal shelter that you wished to donate to, please make a note in the remarks bar before you make your purchase.


From all of us at Sunniest Care, we want to thank you for these acts of kindness that make our furry friends lives so much better!

Furry Friends Support FAQ
Q. Will you tell me which shelter will be receiving the supplements I purchased?
A. Yes. We will send emails to all of our supporting customers after the delivery has been completed.
Q. Why are you delivering "supplements"?
A. We are the signature supplements (Probio CA, Probio CA Plus, Probio Cat, Bio9, Probio Mist and Procian) main distributor in Singapore.
We support the health of not just dogs and cats but many animals.
In particular, we have worked to alleviate the symptoms of animals suffering from allergies or skin diseases that need to be controlled by steroids.
By improving the intestinal environment, immunity is raised.
If animals become more healthy and strong, there will be fewer visits to the veterinarian.
When we visited shelters and learned that many animals are suffering from the symptoms mentioned above, we made a point of offering our support.

Q. Are you offering support to any shelters not included in your list?
A. Of course! Please notify us in the remarks bar when you make your purchase or email us.

Q. Will you be delivering the supplements directly to the shelter?
A. We will take the responsibility of delivering
all the supplements you purchased for this program directly to the shelter.
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