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FAQ about Probio CA

Q. How is the supplement to be administered?

A. You can mix it into your pet’s regular meal. However, the positive bacteria inside Probio CA are vulnerable to heat, so when mixing it into cooked food, make sure to do it after it has cooled down.

Of course, you can also have your pet eat it directly.


Q. Can I give Probio CA to other animals besides dogs?

A. Yes! Basically you can give both Probio CA and Probio CA PLUS to all kinds of animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, monkeys, birds etc...


Q. Does Probio CA produce any side effects?

A. Due to its detoxifying effects, it can possibly cause a temporary increase in itchiness, or softening of the stool, but because it is a food product, it does not produce any side effects when given in large doses. Ailments can differ depending on the type and weight of your dog, so we would recommend starting with a low dose, and gradually increasing the dose while keeping an eye on the firmness of the stool.


Q. Probio CA and Probio CA PLUS, which one should I choose? 

A. The difference between Probio CA and Probio CA PLUS is in the number of good bacteria. Probio CA Plus contains more good bacteria, thus could produce better result. 


  • Probio CA PLUS is recommended in cases of severe itchiness and eczema due to atopic dermatitis and allergies, or for serious conditions exhibiting scratch marks from excessive itching. 

  • For diarrhea, constipation, lack of appetite, dieting, or health maintenance, it is best to start with . 

  • Alternatively, some owners vary usage depending on the physical condition. Take comfort in the fact that neither of them contain additives. 


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 


Q. The itchiness has intensified after Probio CA was given. Should I stop giving it?

A. If toxic substances, such as allergens, are present in the body, your pet may initially experience a "healing crisis." Those with skin issues may experience increased eczema, and those with stomach issues may experience diarrhea, ear infections, or increase in eye discharge. In particular, those with atopic dermatitis may see acute and repeated intensification of the symptoms. However, a greater healing crisis could indicate greater improvement, thus we recommend that you continue giving the supplement. 


Q. Would it work on bad breath and oral hygiene? 

A. Just as with the inside of the gut, good and bad bacteria are maintaining a balance inside of your pet's mouth. Periodontal disease and bad breath are signs of high intraoral bad bacteria. When these bacteria enter the body, they cause a variety of illness and as such, they must be treated early. Continued use of Probio CA alleviates bad breath. Make a paste with the granules of Probio CA and water and massage the gum with a cloth. It serves to prevent periodontal disease, and is beneficial when swallowed. 


Q. Poop became dry after using Probio CA...

A. Soon after giving Probio CA , poop can become soft or hard. This could be part of the healing crisis, but if the poop becomes hard, be sure to give extra water. 

Good bacteria feed on moisture, therefore more water should be given than before. 

Increased water intake creates a favourable condition for the proliferation of good bacteria, leading to an improvement in the intestinal environment. 


*All supplements are 100% natural ingredients and don’t have any side effects.

However, please consult a veterinarian if your pet is currently under medical care, is pregnant, or has food allergies. Stop use immediately if this product does not suit your pet.

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